NEW VIDEO: Monique – Ain’t Nobody

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Once again we are back with another one from Monique. This time Monique brings us some retro disco vibes. “Aint Nobody”. Perfect for the late party nights. It’s a rendition of the classic by Chaka Khan, “Aint Nobody”.
もう一同モニークさんと一緒に戻った!今回は懐かしいディスコなバイブスだ!夜中のパーティーナイトのために、これはパーフェクトと思う!これは伝説の歌集のチャカンハンのカバーだ。こちら「Aint Nobody」だ!

Director: Sonny B
Lighting and Assistant: Ben Gonzales
Make Up: Sally Togashi

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NEW VIDEO: Monique – Caught In The Rapture

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We are back with a new video from the wonderful Monique Dehaney. This time a smooth summer reggae rendition of Anita Baker’s “Caught In The Rapture”! Enjoy the vibes .

こんにちは皆さん, モニークさんの新しいPVと戻った! 今回は素晴らしくゆっくりなレゲエの曲です. 伝説のアニタ ベイカの”Caught In The Rapture” という曲をカバーしている! エンジョイしてください!

Director: Sonny B

Lighting and Assistant: Ben Gonzales

Make Up: Sally Togashi

Quality Control: Chris Beak and Devin Wang

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Kero One Link Up

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#CaliBoyz A few weeks ago with the old music homie @keroone! From MySpace to Instagram 😂

It was great to catch up with him and see him perform some of his newest music.

Mixi 頃からinsta までの音楽友のKeroOne. 久しぶりに会ってよかった!

Check his new release! 💯

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One Man Can Change The World 「ひとりでも世界を変えることができるって」

June 27th, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in External News

Big Sean – One Man Can Change the World (feat Kanye West and John Legend)
Director : Andrew Hines
Production Company : FREENJOY, INC
Producer : Nathan Scherrer
Director of Photography : Jeff Powers
Production Design : Alec Contestabile
Editor : Dave Hung & Tyler Ross


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nayokenza – Lavender [music vid] @gnarlynayokenza

January 22nd, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in External News, SBC Fam


SBC Family, nayokenza, drops his latest single from his upcoming EP, “Hiraeth”. This is Lavender. nayokenza, brings a self produced string lead, heavy bass song about a regretted relationship.

nayolavender02Through out the video, nayokenza is shown contemplating his last relationship. Toward the end he decides to take a walk in the rain though a Tokyo alley.

Sonny_B + nayokenza + Cooper + Alpha Woman

Sonny_B + nayokenza + Cooper + Alpha Woman

Check out more of nayokenza’s works at

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Sugar Joiko feat Moreno – Shining Bright [music vid] @sugarjoiko

January 20th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in SBC Fam


SBC Fam, Sugar Joiko, is back with her second official single and first music video “Shining Bright”. Collaborating with Polish producer, Moreno, Joiko brings  an energetic and positive electro track that screams for a replay!
SBCのファミリの歌手のSUGAR JOIKOが戻りました!今回はJOIKOの2番目のシングルと一番目のPVです!「SHINING BRIGHT」です!ポーランド人のプロデューサーとコラボして、JOIKOがエネルギッシュで感動的な曲を作りました!

joikoShining01Through out the video, Joiko showcases  her many faces. She shows that you just have to push to shine bright! You see her workout, party with friends, perform, and even in Japan!
曲の名前は「SHINING BRIGHT」、SHINEのために、JOIKOのアドバイスは夢のために、一生懸命頑張ってください!そして、SHINE!

joikoShining02Sugar Joiko, is one singer we recommend you all pay attention to. Check her at her website:
SUGAR JOIKOはSBCのおススメです。ぜひチェックして下さい!


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[DJ MIX] DJ. D.HO – How DJ D.Ho Stole Christmas

December 2nd, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in External News, SBC Fam


DJ D.Ho is back with his new Christmas mix! “How DJ D.Ho stole Christmas”!
Give it a listen!  Good Stuff Bro!


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Eminem – RAP GOD [music video]

November 27th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in External News


Directed by Rich Lee

Eminem has returned with his newest release from this latest album, “The Marshal Matters LP2”, entitled “RAP GOD”
In this song Eminem talks about his inspirations from Hip Hop and what all the other things that built him to who he is today. He goes though his history as a rapper until today as well.
Eminem displays his polished rap skills as well.
Eminem is a rapper who has influenced me a lot in my life. His music taught me to be critical and direct. To not deal with the bullshit, and realized that some people are really just crazy. Last, that my life is my life and simply that.

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Sonny_B makes a Cameo in Monique Dehany’s music video!

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Monique Dehany – LOOK OF LOVE

Sonny_B makes a cameo in Monqiue’s summer anthem “Look of Love”. Can you find him?!

モニックの夏でリリースしたPVの「LOOK OF LOVE」でサニー・ビがカメオになりました!見つけることが出来ますか?!

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November 10th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in NEWS, SBC Fam, Sonny_B, Video


(Reggae Cover version Produce by Courtney Panton)
Directed, Shot & Edited by Sonny_B
Lighting Assistant: Yo-Hey
Location: Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
Over a drink in Ebisu, Monique let me hear a preview of her upcoming cover for “Feel Like Making Love”. I instantly envisioned her at an amazing beach location excited for her love to arrive. (a bit reminiscent of Evelyn Champagn’s “Love come down” music video)
After some talks and drafting, we then shot the video in early summer 2013.
INTERESTING FACT: During the filming of the video we were interrupted by the Odaiba security numerous times, so the shoot was cut short.
It was a please to work with Monique on this project!


Monqiue & Sonny_B


Monique & her make up artist


Yo-Hey & Sonny_B

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