This year has been one of those years where I knew I had to change a few things in my life. Starting out with being hopitalized after a near-death scare, things just really started to not make sense.

I had to spend time to myself to think about the path I had taken and where I wanted to go. I had spent a lot of my time trying to help those around me without really helping myself. That had to end. Never tie another person’s shoe without tying your own first.
行ったみちはいいかな?これからどこに行きたい? 一人でよく考えた。前、オレの回りのひとをいつも助けて自分をあまり助けなかった。それは悪かった。他の人の靴を結ぶ前に、まず自分の靴を結ぶ。

This year I spent time time mostly alone focusing on self-improvement. Mental and physical rehabilitation. Once I was able to, I met friends again. I was gifted with the energy and pleasure to guide many of my closest friends around tokyo during their visits.

From a near-death experience to becoming a model for a urban clothing brand to performing with a live orchestra,
This year has awarded me with a new state of mind, great health, old and new friends, and new travel. I am #thankful.

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