Lollipops, Lipstick, and LA LA LA LA by DJ KREESE

November 12th, 2012 Posted in External News, Music, SBC Fam, SonnyBCreative

Today the Homie, DJ KREESE dropped his new DJ mixed “LOLLIPOPS, LIPSTICK and LALALALA vol 1” This mix is suppose to one of those mixes that you would make for the ladies and they would reply with “OMG!! EVERY SONG IS MY FAVORITE SONG, I LUUUUUVVV YOU FOR THIS”! and hopefully it ends on a really good note! haha. DJ KREESE made this one strictly for the ladies, but if your a dude and like this… im not passing any judgements! it is 2012! Lol.


01. Beauty And A Beat    Justin Bieber ft Nicki Minaj
02. Die Young    Kesha
03. Good Time – Aristocrat Edit    Owl City ft Carly Rae Jepsen
04. This Kiss – Dynamixx Edit    Carly Rae Jepsen
05. Va Va Voom    Nicki Minaj
06. Both Of Us – Varsity Team Remix    B.O.B. ft Taylor Swift
07. Run    Flo Rida ft RedFoo
08. Rest Of My Life – NASA Edit    Ludacris ft Usher & David Guetta
09. I Need Your Love    Ellie Goulding ft Calvin Harris
10. Live While We’re Young – Dave Aude Remix    One Direction


Durty Ca$h + DJ KREESE + Sonny_B *OLD PHOTO*

So you might wonder how I’m involved in this? Haha! KREESE sent me a message, saying “I HAVE IN IMPORTANT TASK, can you HANDLE THE CHALLENGE?” Of course, I was down! KREESE went on to explain about how he had this special ladies mix coming up butneeded help with the title. So we brainstormed and came up with “Lollipops, Lipstick and LA LA LA LA”, which works well for a serious of this nature!
But he still need a cover for the series as well. So we decided to go with Nicki Minaj, since she is the ladies idol pink sugar idol of today, and I whipped up a Album cover for the mix!


KREESE and I have been talking about collaborating for years now. Its finally starting to

coming through! Stay tuned for some big moves!

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