Model, Alpha Woman, Does Photoshoot with Sonny_B

May 31st, 2010 Posted in Photography, SonnyBCreative


I recently did a photo-shoot with Bay Area Model, Alpha Woman. Check It Out!

Photography and Video by Sonny_B

One Love,

2 Responses to “Model, Alpha Woman, Does Photoshoot with Sonny_B”

  1. Tiffny Says:

    Dang, you do photography to!? LOL what DON’T you do???

    Anyways, These are some really good shots. The B&W are pretty!

  2. Sonny_B Says:

    Wassup Tiffny?!

    Thanks for the comment

    Glad you liked the photos!

    I’m not sure yet, as to what i cannot do. lol!

    One Love,

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