SonnyBCreative Radio – Music & Art for the Mind – Episode 6

SonnyBCreative – Music Mind, Radio, hosted by Sonny_B, is a internet podcast radio show that brings Cool and Fresh vibes to the forefront. The focus is on music and art that entertains the mind. The show covers music and artist from various plains of the globe. Mainstream, underground, local, and worldwide.

This episode contains vibes from Twista, Raekwon, NOMAD, Amy Winehouse, MasOul, Common, Mr Lif, Sonny_B, Les Nubians, Mark II, Dev Large, and more!!

01. Twista feat. Raekwon – THE HEAT
02. NOMAD & Cyrus – Foreign Pharaohs [Watchin’]
03. Amy Winehouse – In My Bed
04. MasOul & The Alliance – 3 Steps Ahead
05. Common – I Am Music
06. Mr. Lif – WashitUp
07. Sonny_B – LEAVIN’ RUTS BEHIND (Lost In Time Remix 1.5)
08. Les Nubians – Madeka
09. MARK II & JOWIN – 花見 (Cherry Blossoms)
10. D.L. aka Dev Large – MANIFEST 粉骨砕身


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