MaJiK – LIFE (Official Music Video) Directed by Sonny_B

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In light of the release of my debut EP “Just A Thought”, we at SonnyBCreative have just released the first music video off the EP “LIFE”

Let me have your attention for at least 2 minutes. Check out something that can only benefit your life in a positive manner.

I hope you find the video enlightening, inspiring, motivating, stimulating or any combination of these feelings.

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DOWNLOAD the entire EP for FREE here:

If you really enjoyed the video and my music and if you believe in what I have to say, please, Please, PLEASE….Help me spread The WORD. Invite a couple of your friends, have ’em check out the video. Let’s encourage Love, independent thinking and put an end to all the mindless propaganda.

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MaJiK – Random Thoughts Mixtape (Lyrics)

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Per request, below are all of the lyrics to every track on my mixtape.  And you can download the mixtape here

Feel free to rap along!  Haha

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In anticipation for the release of his upcoming EP, MaJiK releases his first multi-track release, “Random Thoughts”. The 7 track Mini-mixtape consist of
various styles of MaJiK, some remixes of mainstream smash-hits, successful contest entries, a spoken word piece, and also a new MaJiK original track. All Tracks have been revisited and remixed by Sonny_B!


1. Good For Nothing Flo’ (Live Ver.)
2. Making History
3. We Will
4. None Of Me
5. Blue & Yellow (feat. J. Mack & Sonny_B)
6. I’m Into You (w/ J.Lo)
7. I’m Right Here


Check out the BLUE & YELLOW music video!

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Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself…

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What’s going on everybody?

My name is MaJiK.  I am a recording artist here at SonnyBCreative and have been so for a good part of the last 3 years.  As some of you may or may not know, Sonny_B has relocated to Japan thus prompting a larger role for me with the company.  You will continue to get your updates from Sonny_B while in Japan but now, I will also be sharing updates regarding my music, events here in the U.S. and anything SBC related.

For now, I just want to let you all know a little about myself.

I have been writing poetry almost 9 years now, I rap, record music, and I love performing live.  I do all of this in hopes to inspire others so that they may go out and achieve great things.  We are all capable of so much and I want to encourage everyone to maximize their potential.

I love music, Hip-Hop, especially.  The way certain lyrics have influenced my life for the better, I wish to provide the same effect for another.  If I can touch just one person at a time, that would make it all worth it.  I want to thank Sonny_B for being a great mentor and I’m extremeley excited to share with you all what we’ve been working on.

I envision a world where everybody who dare to dream isn’t considered a child or naive.  A world where cash didn’t rule everybody around me and the mark of success isn’t by what a person has but what a person has done.  Change is a part of evolution, it’s a part of growing and I challenge you to question everything, not to be defiant but for the purpose of improving.  We live in a world where technology is always advancing, so why aren’t we?

I have two projects coming out 1) A joint album with Sonny_B and 2) My solo EP tentatively titled “Just A Thought”.  Stay tuned to SBC, they will be coming out shortly.


Peace.  One.  Love.


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MaJiK continues his Spoken Word series with “Infinity Part 2”

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MaJiK continues his Spoken Word series “Infinity” with the 2nd edition, “Infinity Part 2”. Check Out the video below!
MaJiKが「Infinity(インフィニティ)」というポエジー詩を続きます。これは二番目「インフィニティ・ パート2」です。チェックしてみてください!↓↓

Also, MaJiK now has a Facebook and Twitter!! Go ahead add and follow him, so you can keep up with all of his latest works!!

One Love,

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MaJiK presents: THE SPOT (poetry/open-mic venue)

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MaJiK, along side A1 (poet), is hosting a new Poetry/Open-Mic venue known as “THE SPOT”. For all those who are located in the LA area, be sure to come through on opening night (This thursday), or any following Thursday. The event will be hosted every Thursday, from this week on!

Check out the Promo, and the details below!

The Spot: Poetry, is an open mic night every Thursday starting June 3rd at the Granada in Alhambra. Doors are open 8:30pm – 11:30pm ish… First night is free with flier. After that, we will be charging $5.00 per person, whether you perform or not. Its an 18 and over event and we will have a fully stocked bar for the 21+. Performers get a total of 3 mins to do what ever! spit poetry, sing, dance, act, say jokes, talk about an issue thats on your mind, and/or even cry your heart out… possibilities are endless and you will be respected. No form of art will be turned down. If you have any questions, please email Admin at TheSpotPoetry@gmail.

Opening Night is June 3, 2010 @8:30pm

The Spot Poetry is every Thursday 8:30pm-12am
Location: The Granada
17 S. First St
Alhambra, CA

For more info check out:…

Video & Flyer created by Sonny_B

One Love,

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