SonnyBCreative Radio – Music & Art for the Mind – Episode 2 – DEDICATION TO JAPAN

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This episode is dedicated to Japan. As Japan is going though the planning and recovery phase from their horrible recent events of early 2011 they need all the support they can get. In this episode Sonny_B collaborates with artist from all over the world to show their love, hope, support, and faith in Japan.

This episode contains vibes from Twista, MiwaLyric, Faith Evans, MC HINOMARU, Rie Nomura, SEEDA, Asani Charles, Chinatsu, Ken Oak & Groski, HIBIKILLA and more! It also has many special appearances from modern multimedia figures of today!

01. Twista feat Faith Evans – Hope
02. MiwaLyric – Beautiful Japan
03. SEEDA – Son Gotta See Tomorrow
04. Asani Charles feat. CHINATSU – For Nihon
06. Rie – 声~I Gotta Let It Out~
07. Oak & Gorski – Find Me Soon
08. HIBIKILLA – Positive Vibes
09. A Traditional Okinawin Anthem (title unknown)


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One Love,

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Help to Japan / Make a Donation!!

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Wassup everyone?!

As you know Japan is in a high alert situation. Earthquakes, Tsunamis Fires, Nuclear Threats, and more. We at SonnyBCreative wish them the best out in Japan and send our Prayers to Japan.

We want SBC want to help!! Purchase the LEAVIN’ RUT BEHIND single for $1 or more, and 100% of your donation will go to Japan. (via Red Cross) Go to click “buy” on the LEAVIN RUTS BEHIND single.

Or if you choose to go Direct:
Red Cross: Donors can contribute to the relief efforts by calling 800-733-27677 or visiting Each text message is a $10 donation to the Red Cross, which will be added to the donors’ next cellphone bill.

However you support, just support!!

One Love,

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