The Windy City In Reflection

April 26th, 2010 Posted in Life, Photography, SonnyBCreative

[tweetmeme]My stay in Chicago was short but sweet. I only had about 30 hours of time in the city, but I enjoyed myself. Upon arriving, I was able to eat at White Castle and tour though the neighborhood. It’s always interesting going though different hoods of different cities. In California majority of the houses are made from wood, but in Chicago you find majority of the housing being constructed from brick.

After cruising though the neighborhood and stopping at few locations, it was time to go visit the family and enjoy some good food. After enjoying the festivities and getting some rest, it was already time for me to return back to Cali.

It was my second visit to Chi-city, but I still haven’t been there long enough to build a Chi-city state of mind. Hopefully on my next visit, I’ll be able to spend more time enjoying the city.

One Love,

2 Responses to “The Windy City In Reflection”

  1. Andy Dang Says:

    The food looks amazing, and the photography is great. I would like to try white castle just once, how did you like the burgers at white castle?

  2. Sonny_B Says:

    White Castle was really good, but the taste isn’t anything that you’d be used to. Especially if you eat a normal burger joints such as McDonald’s, Burger King, In-In-Out, etc. The taste was a big stronger, none-the-less delicious.

    If you go into your local grocery market and buy the frozen White Castle burgers you’ll find a the taste, but it wont be as fresh as the freshly cooked White Castle burger.

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