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This year has been one of those years where I knew I had to change a few things in my life. Starting out with being hopitalized after a near-death scare, things just really started to not make sense.

I had to spend time to myself to think about the path I had taken and where I wanted to go. I had spent a lot of my time trying to help those around me without really helping myself. That had to end. Never tie another person’s shoe without tying your own first.
行ったみちはいいかな?これからどこに行きたい? 一人でよく考えた。前、オレの回りのひとをいつも助けて自分をあまり助けなかった。それは悪かった。他の人の靴を結ぶ前に、まず自分の靴を結ぶ。

This year I spent time time mostly alone focusing on self-improvement. Mental and physical rehabilitation. Once I was able to, I met friends again. I was gifted with the energy and pleasure to guide many of my closest friends around tokyo during their visits.

From a near-death experience to becoming a model for a urban clothing brand to performing with a live orchestra,
This year has awarded me with a new state of mind, great health, old and new friends, and new travel. I am #thankful.

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One of my biggest pleasures

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One of my biggest pleasures in life is discovering something new and then being able to share it with other people. Especially, great people.

Its been 3 years since Ive moved to Japan and Ive enjoyed the countless times Ive fortunately been able to share, show and guide various people through Tokyo and other parts of Japan.

Ive met and spent quality time with people from all over the planet. Some are friends, and some are friends of friends, but it always ends with a great experience. Some have even become dear friends of mine.

I hope to adventure to new places and share them with other great people in the future.
生来に、色んな素晴らしい場所を見つけたい!そして、色んないい人にシェアしたい。 💯✌💪
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THE QUIETT #1Life2Live

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새 #앨범! 축하! #1Life2Live
My bro @TheQuiett dropped his new album!! 新しいアルバムおめでとう!! 🔥🎶💯 #1llionaire #hiphop #international #힙합 #thequiett from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1MrHci6

New Gear from TOKYORK

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New #Gear from #TOKYORK
ありがとう @kxaxzxuxyxa
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Brainstorming a new joint

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Brainstorming a new joint inna Studio Jam Session スタジオ で セッション 🎶💯🎸🎤 #tokyo #music #international from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1G86GnN

Videoshoot with Mr. TOKYORK!

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#撮影 #Videoshoot with Mr. #TOKYORK! 🎬💯🔥💪 #Repost @kxaxzxuxyxa
Movie star #tokyork X @sonnyb4u

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Emily Styler – Last Romance

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#EmilyStyler’s new single is one of the most beautiful songs ive heard in a while!
これはしばらくの間聞いた最も美しい曲だ!! 🎶💯🔥👍
#Repost @mono_creation
#EmilyStyler / 新曲『Last Romance』
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Performing with Emily Styler

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Tomorrow im once again performing with the talented #EmilyStyler!
明日、もう一度 才能があるのEmilyStylerさんと一緒に #ライブ をする!後でインフォを教える!More info soon!
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#tokyo #東京

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studio session

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#studio #session with @coma_chi
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