#2015 This year has been one of those years where I knew I had to change a few things in my life. Starting out with being hopitalized after a near-death scare, things just really started to not make sense. 今年は僕のライフで僕は物事を変更する必要があるみたいな年だ。最初、入院で臨死体験をしてから、ライフ何もを理解出来なかった。 I had to spend time to myself to think about the path I had taken […]

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One of my biggest pleasures

One of my biggest pleasures in life is discovering something new and then being able to share it with other people. Especially, great people. オレの一つの好きな事は、素晴らしい場所を見つけて、他の人へ見つけた場所を紹介する。特にいい人へ。 Its been 3 years since Ive moved to Japan and Ive enjoyed the countless times Ive fortunately been able to share, show and guide various people through Tokyo and other

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Emily Styler – Last Romance

#EmilyStyler’s new single is one of the most beautiful songs ive heard in a while! これはしばらくの間聞いた最も美しい曲だ!! 🎶💯🔥👍 #Repost @mono_creation ・・・ * #EmilyStyler / 新曲『Last Romance』 iTunes先行配信スタート ピアノとストリングスのみの シンプルな構成から紡ぎ出される オールボーカルのバラード! from Instagram:

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