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CaliCrusin by SonnyB4U
CaliCrusin, a photo by SonnyB4U on Flickr.

Ain’t nothing better than California crusin’

Sayuri Else Live @ 2nd Street Jazz

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Sayuri Elsie, is a upcoming L.A. local soul singer that comes with a wide story. Facing the tough life in L.A. country and traveling to Japan to live a separate life, Sayuri has a vast story to tell.

I first met Sayuri at a monthly Hip Hop event thrown by DJ WAX entitled “Beat Canves”. The event was full of local Japanese and American talent playing some of the most soulful music. During the performance of a couple DJs and this beat making group called Circus, there was a girl who was just jamming along on the dance floor. Come to find out, this girl was Sayuri Elsie. She lipsynced one of her songs, which was produced by one of the members of Circus. After meeting her and hearing her story, I realized she had a little bit more soul then your average.

Check out her live performances at 2nd Street Jazz during the New Year Celebration. Sayuri has tons of energy in her performance and great stage presence.

Make sure you follow her on twitter @Sayuri_Elsie

One Love,


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JULIAN NAGANO – Happy New Year 2012 (feat. Hanzo Reiza)

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SonnyBCreative Fam, JULIAN NAGANO, brings in the new year with his new joint “Happy New Year 2012” feat. Hanzo Reiza. I don’t think anyone could have brought in the new year as smooth as JULIAN did. Big Up homie!
Download his new track below.

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Alone. (Short Film)

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For the past 3 years I’ve make two short documentary type films for the newest crossing class in my fraternity each year. I took a different approach this time and decided to use my state of creativity to speak a message rather than just to be a simple recap.
Check out “Alone.” it’s based off the tales and stories of our recently crossed brother, Jonathon Dominguez (Rho Class). Shout outs to all my fraternity brothers of BYΔ.

Director and Editor: Sonny_B
Make Up Artist and Project Assistant: Catherine Yuki

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The Talented Mr. Grey – “Out Of Bud” Music Video

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The Talented Mr. Grey is back with another single, “Out Of Bud”. Directed and produced by Jared Lundy (Checkmate Films), Mr. Grey comes with a quality modern blues/rock urban joint while on a mission to acquire some fresh Bud.
I’ve had the pleasure to work with Mr. Grey on many occasions (photography,videography), he is one you down want to sleep on! It was great to serve as Production Assistant on this project.

One Love,

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Sonny_B & MaJiK – All About Trust (feat. Alpha Woman) [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]!!

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The ALL ABOUT TRUST  music video is finally here!! Check it out below!!

Directed by Jared Lundy & Sonny_B (Checkmate Films)
Edited by Sonny_B
Project Assistant: Carol Tseng

ALL ABOUT TRUST, is the 1st single to the upcoming collaboration release between Sonny_B & MaJiK. Stay tuned for more to come! Download the complete single below!



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Drake – “The Motto” (starring @XAVONiA) (music video)

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@XAVONiA returns with her 2nd music to one of her favorite songs, “The Motto”. Check her out as she single handily handles the dance floor!

Directed by Sonny_B
Edited by Sonny_B
Project Assistance: Zaneta Burns & Joyce Burns

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