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atthetopNEW RELEASE from Sonny_B!!
AT THE TOP feat. J.Mack, MaJiK & WhiskeyNeat

Music Video Coming Soon!!

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[LYRIC VIDEOS] Naoki “Kiss Kiss” and “U”

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Naoki, a R&B singer out of Japan, contacted me to produce two lyrics videos for his newest releases! Check them out!!


Naoki produces from pretty catchy R&B music with great melodies! I enjoyed working with him on this project and hope to work with him again soon!

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Let’s Eat Natto! -The Fermented Soy Bean-

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Everyone is always talking about disgusting, how tasty, how smelly, and how healthy Natto is. Natto is a Japanese favorite morning dish. Among the people in my circle most will eat it with something (rice, egg, etc), instead of just plain. As you can see from the picture above, it isn’t the most appetizing thing. So I decided to head to out with a couple friends to have some Natto!! Check out the videos below!! 😀

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MaJiK – Random Thoughts Mixtape (Lyrics)

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Per request, below are all of the lyrics to every track on my mixtape.  And you can download the mixtape here


Feel free to rap along!  Haha

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Right now chilling in a Hyuga-City hotel, located in Miyazaki-Ken, Japan, I just started reflecting on on my life.  I been spending my life traveling from place to place.  Never stagenent. Always looking for the next thing. I’d rather die than to be locked in my home for more than a nights sleep.


This year I’ve been to many places.  Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego,
York City, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Fukushima, Yokohama, Honolulu, Mexico, and now Miyazaki.

Talking with my colleagues, I realized my lifestyle isn’t a normal one.

I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity, energy, power, and motivation to live this life!

Thank you all for rolling with me!

Sherwin Aka Sonny_B


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Sugar Joiko – SAKURA NAGASHI (Utada Hikaru Cover)

December 3rd, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted in External News, SBC Fam

Sugar Joiko, does an amazing rendition of UTADA’s newest release, “桜流し” SAKURA NAGASHI. Check it out!!



JOIKO, is the kind of girl that goes after her ambition and is ready to take risk. The day of the release of this song, I instantly contacted JOIKO and, “Yo! you gotta handle this new release by UTADA”. She had no idea what I was talking about, So I sent over the track and romanized the lyrics for her to sing. She took it upon herself to tackle it and come through with an amazing cover and a excellent performance in a music video.

Keep It Up!!

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