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[tweetmeme]Canadian producer, Autumn Reign, just released his first album entitled, “LOVE LIFE MUSIC”. My song “Something To Ride To”, which is a re-worked version of “LEAVIN’ RUTS BEHIND” created by Autumn Reign, is featured on the album!  The album contains original productions and remixes for artist including: Jay-Z, Nas, UTADA, Timbaland, Drake, BoA, and more! Check it out! I know you’ll enjoy it!

Artist: Autumn Reign
Genre: Hip Hop / R&B / Electronic
01. Britney Spears – Break The Ice
02. Pussycat Dolls – Hate This Part
03. Jarell Perry – Live Your Life
04. Bow Wow feat. Omarion – Hoodstar
05. Silice – We Are We
06. BoA feat. Jay-Z – Roc’ Your Love
07. Jay-Z feat. Nas – I’mma Drop It
08. BoA feat. Sean Garret – I Did It For Love
09. Timbaland feat. Drake – All I Knew
10. Taz – Just Don’t Love You Anymore
11. Mirk Man – Fly To Fame
12. Sonny_B feat. MasOul – Somethin’ To Ride To
13. Nas – 2nd Childhood
14. Tenjo Chiki – Boomerang
15. Utada Hikaru – Wait & See
16. BoA feat. Papoose – The Love Letter
17. Autumn Reign – Around The World


To get more info about Autumn Reign, check out his Website, Facebook, and YouTube:


One Love,

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The Windy City In Reflection

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[tweetmeme]My stay in Chicago was short but sweet. I only had about 30 hours of time in the city, but I enjoyed myself. Upon arriving, I was able to eat at White Castle and tour though the neighborhood. It’s always interesting going though different hoods of different cities. In California majority of the houses are made from wood, but in Chicago you find majority of the housing being constructed from brick.

After cruising though the neighborhood and stopping at few locations, it was time to go visit the family and enjoy some good food. After enjoying the festivities and getting some rest, it was already time for me to return back to Cali.

It was my second visit to Chi-city, but I still haven’t been there long enough to build a Chi-city state of mind. Hopefully on my next visit, I’ll be able to spend more time enjoying the city.

One Love,

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“BounceJerk” Release Date

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[tweetmeme]Finally! The release of “BounceJerk” is on the way!!

Stay tuned for more info, pictures, videos, etc!!

RSVP for event at Facebook or Myspace.

One Love,

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RIP Keith Elam aka Guru of GangStarr

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[tweetmeme]On April 19th, GangStarr rapper, Guru, passed away. (age 43) Guru was and still is one of my favorite emcees. Famous for his “monotone flow”, some people say I sometimes remind them of Guru. I used to listen to Gangstarr and Guru’s Jazzamatazz CDs everyday. Guru had a way of making you feel like he was rapping directly at you, and always brought logic and wisdom to the mic. You’ll always be remembered, RIP Guru.

Guru, one-half of the hip-hop duo Gang Starr, died yesterday due to complications from cancer. He was 43. The group’s influence on New York hip-hop is unparalleled, while Guru’s seminal 1993 album Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1 — which dabbled in jazz, soul and funk — established him as a talented solo artist in his own right. Local artists such as Earthworms certainly carry on Guru and Gang Starr’s music and lyrical direction.”  -Taken from The Riverfront Times More »

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3rd Largest City in The U.S.

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[tweetmeme]I’ll be spending this weekend in the 3rd largest city in the U.S., Chicago, IL. I’ll be going on a 24-hour trip to visit some family. While I am there I hope to get some inspiration. New terrain = new inspiration.

Chicago is known for many things including architecture, music, and deep dish pizza.
Musically, Chicago is known for Opera, Chicago Blues, Chicago S0ul, Jazz, gospel, and house music. So with that being said, I hope to get some inspiration from that alone.

Maybe I’ll see Common rolling though the streets saying “Wassup” to everyone like he did in the “The People” music video. (Yeah, right…). More »

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MaJiK Enters another contest!

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[tweetmeme]Wassup everyone?! Yesterday, MaJiK came though to record his new entry to Jin’s Hip Hop Census contest. You remember his previous entry? MaJiK – 2010 Hip Hop Census Well.. MaJiK ended up placing #10!!

Now this contest is a bit different. Jin wants artist to create a full song and leave a open verse for him to rhyme in. Once all entries are submitted, the fans will choose 5 songs and he will choose 5 songs. Those 10 songs will then be complied into a full mixtape! Let’s wish MaJiK good luck and in this contest. Check out his entry below. More »

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My Official Website Hits The Web

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[tweetmeme]I want to thank all the people who support me. My official site launches today, April 14 2010! I have content all across the web, and what I really needed was an official website to showcase all my work, broadcast my updates, and provide my services. This site will do it all, and I am very excited about the value I’ll create for my clients, and the simpler way for friends and fans to reach me.

Please let me know what you would like to see from this site, and your feedback on the website design in the comments below. Your opinions matter, because all of this is for you, my clients, and friends. I’ll be busy updating the site. I’ll catch you in the comments below.

RIP Jun Seba aka NUJABES

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[tweetmeme]March 17th, 2010 – Today, I have very somber news for the international hip hop community, especially fans of the independent hip hop scene, and those who have followed my career.It has been announced that Jun Seba, aka Nujabes, Japanese hip hop producer extraordinaire, passed away late February. Official statement from the label here:

We deeply regret the loss of a unique talent and a close friend. Through his soulful music, Nujabes has touched so many people around the world, even beyond his dreams. He was a mysterious character to most as he avoided the public limelight, rarely conducted interviews, so only a few got to know the man behind the signature production. Yet it continued to amaze me how young listeners of all backgrounds learned of his enigmatic name, and expressed support for his music. More »

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