MUSIC DEPARTURE. NOV 30, 2014 (Flyer by Sonny B)

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新大久保K-STAGE O!

MC カモンジョック!








Gear 2nd


11月30日 新大久保K-stage O

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Biz Cards

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[tweetmeme]I just got my new business cards in the mail. They came out pretty decent. I’m already thinking of my next design for the next 1000 cards.

Speaking of which, I wanted to quickly talk about the importance of networking:
I know you’ve heard the cliche phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. I believe that this saying is true to some extent. Studies show that over 60% of progression in a career is related to networking rather than simply performance. I believe this could be also applied to musicians, and artist as well. With that being said, you can’t just go around talking and have nothing to show for it.

Now a days networking has become easier with the creation of all of these online social networks. (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) Each of them are different and cater to different groups and  interest, so take advantage of them. But still remember, nothing can take the place of in-person networking.

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Omicron – Omicron’s Here (feat. Sonny_B)

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If you’ve been following my tweets then you’ve probably read about OMICRON. About 4 weeks ago, I teamed up with OMICRON to produce a single, mini-documentary and music video for them. OMICRON are newly crossed members of my fraternity, Beta Upsilon Delta, so I figured it be a great way to some freedom using my talents. Also, as a plus Omicron has a good amount of talent. Check out the music video below. Single is soon to release!


Click Here to View
Omicron’s Right Here.
Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Sonny_B


01. Omicron’s Here (feat. Sonny_B)
02. Omicron’s Here (feat. Sonny_B) (SBC SmoothJack Mix)
03. Bonus Track

More creative media on the way!

One Love,

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MaJiK presents: THE SPOT (poetry/open-mic venue)

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MaJiK, along side A1 (poet), is hosting a new Poetry/Open-Mic venue known as “THE SPOT”. For all those who are located in the LA area, be sure to come through on opening night (This thursday), or any following Thursday. The event will be hosted every Thursday, from this week on!

Check out the Promo, and the details below!

The Spot: Poetry, is an open mic night every Thursday starting June 3rd at the Granada in Alhambra. Doors are open 8:30pm – 11:30pm ish… First night is free with flier. After that, we will be charging $5.00 per person, whether you perform or not. Its an 18 and over event and we will have a fully stocked bar for the 21+. Performers get a total of 3 mins to do what ever! spit poetry, sing, dance, act, say jokes, talk about an issue thats on your mind, and/or even cry your heart out… possibilities are endless and you will be respected. No form of art will be turned down. If you have any questions, please email Admin at TheSpotPoetry@gmail.

Opening Night is June 3, 2010 @8:30pm

The Spot Poetry is every Thursday 8:30pm-12am
Location: The Granada
17 S. First St
Alhambra, CA

For more info check out:…

Video & Flyer created by Sonny_B

One Love,

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