Eric Garner. 4 Year Death Anniversary

July 18th, 2018 Posted in Music, Project F.B.I, SonnyBCreative

Today marks the 4th year since #EricGarner, the #NewYork man who died after a takedown by NYPD, died. His death sparked national outcry, inspired various movements and caused many to contemplate the USA’s Police system.

It also inspired me to write my song “The Clouds”, which discusses the issue of mental separation we have toward others depending on our economic or social class. It discusses what causes us to lack empathy when those unlike use suffer. But we aren’t so different. Finally, It discusses some ideas in which we can improve our lives on earth. Of course it isn’t so simple, though I wish it was.
#RestInPeace Mr. Garner, and I wish peace and happiness to your family. 🙏

今日は エリック・ガーナーさんの4年の死の記念日。彼の話のせいで、俺の曲を「The Clouds」書くようインスピレーションを受けました。
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