NEW VIDEO: DI BISI’s 2020 Tokyo Tour

Just before the pandemic took our over world, Luxemborg’s DJ BISI made it to Japan for his 2020 Tokyo tour. Check it out!


photo by Yukki

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Bisi is a young dynamic DJ who grew up in Luxembourg City, but moved to Cologne due to his studies. This was also the time; he made a name for himself by playing quality gigs all over Germany. In the last couple of years he has been rocking high-class venues in 19 different countries. From Europe to the US and from Africa to Asia, Bisi wants to spread his love for the music with as many different cultures as possible.

Although he iswell known for his love of urban music, Bisi has shifted his playing style to encompass all genres. This versatility and deep knowledge of different kinds of music has quickly become his strength, as he now plays anything and everything from hip hop to house, festival music to oldschool and pop to latin.

After constantly releasing mixes, productions and videos, Bisi was holding several different Residences. Since 2019 he is a Resident Dj at the Flamingo Royal Boutique Club Cologne and Luxembourg’s best Urban Club, M Club.

By being an all-round good and respectful guy who combines his love for thejob and talent to read the crowd -Bisi is an exciting and interesting personality. He likes to meet and connect with new people, play at new venues, is very ambitious and gives 100% every night he is out there.

By being a support act for Chris Brown, Kay One, Boobaand many more -as well as playing in the some of the biggest clubs in Europe and Asia-Bisi has been making some of his dreams come true! The proof of his recent success is evident in the public eye, as he was voted Best Hip Hop DJ 2019at the Luxembourg Night Life Awards. Since 2018 he is a international Dj City, Luc Belaire and NoCutzNoGlory representative.

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