Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas from Monique Marian and SonnyBCreative!

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SummerMusic Playlist: SonnyBCreative & Friends Summer Edition part 1

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Summertime is here! It’s time for warm weather, beaches, BBQs, and great times with friends. Saying that, I’ve prepared a Summertime playlist featuring some of my music friends from all around the globe! Over the next few days, I’ll be giving you a short introduction to everyone featured on the playlist. It’s available free to listen on Spotify! Please take some time to listen and enjoy!
夏が来ました!!暖かい季節やビーチやBBQの時間になりましたね!それに言うと、私は夏ポイの音楽プレイリストを作りました!色んな国に住んでいる友達が入っていますよ!数日後には、このプレイリストに入ってるアーティストを初会します! プレイリストはSPOTIFYにあります!どうぞゆっくりで聴いて下さい!

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Monique – Caught In The Rapture / Aint Nobody (BTS)

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Behind The Scenes with Monique Dehaney for her videos “Caught In The Rapture” and “Aint Nobody”.

Caught In The Rapture Music Video:

Aint Nobody Music Video:

Follow Monique:

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NEW VIDEO: Monique – Ain’t Nobody

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Once again we are back with another one from Monique. This time Monique brings us some retro disco vibes. “Aint Nobody”. Perfect for the late party nights. It’s a rendition of the classic by Chaka Khan, “Aint Nobody”.
もう一同モニークさんと一緒に戻った!今回は懐かしいディスコなバイブスだ!夜中のパーティーナイトのために、これはパーフェクトと思う!これは伝説の歌集のチャカンハンのカバーだ。こちら「Aint Nobody」だ!

Director: Sonny B
Lighting and Assistant: Ben Gonzales
Make Up: Sally Togashi

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NEW VIDEO: Monique – Caught In The Rapture

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We are back with a new video from the wonderful Monique Dehaney. This time a smooth summer reggae rendition of Anita Baker’s “Caught In The Rapture”! Enjoy the vibes .

こんにちは皆さん, モニークさんの新しいPVと戻った! 今回は素晴らしくゆっくりなレゲエの曲です. 伝説のアニタ ベイカの”Caught In The Rapture” という曲をカバーしている! エンジョイしてください!

Director: Sonny B

Lighting and Assistant: Ben Gonzales

Make Up: Sally Togashi

Quality Control: Chris Beak and Devin Wang

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Monique & Haruka – “Reggae/Rocking Christmas” Directed by Sonny B

December 13th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in SonnyBCreative, Video

A Fun Reggae/Ska Christmas Groove from Monique and Haruka!
Directed by Sonny B
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Monique Dehaney is back for the Holidays! 冬のためにモニックが戻りました!!!

November 19th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in NEWS, SonnyBCreative, Video


Wassup everyone! Monique is back again for another themed treat! She has teamed up with Pianist Haruka, Saxophonist Yuya Morimoto, and the Reggae Band Ja Live Band, to bring us a Winter Holiday melody.

Get ready because this melody will make you dance! It will release soon!

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[VIDEO] Pharrell Williams – Happy (Tokyo Black History Month 2014: Free Your Mind Vol. 6 Ver.)

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Directed and Shot by Sonny_B
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November 10th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in NEWS, SBC Fam, SonnyBCreative, Video


(Reggae Cover version Produce by Courtney Panton)
Directed, Shot & Edited by Sonny_B
Lighting Assistant: Yo-Hey
Location: Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
Over a drink in Ebisu, Monique let me hear a preview of her upcoming cover for “Feel Like Making Love”. I instantly envisioned her at an amazing beach location excited for her love to arrive. (a bit reminiscent of Evelyn Champagn’s “Love come down” music video)
After some talks and drafting, we then shot the video in early summer 2013.
INTERESTING FACT: During the filming of the video we were interrupted by the Odaiba security numerous times, so the shoot was cut short.
It was a please to work with Monique on this project!


Monqiue & Sonny_B


Monique & her make up artist


Yo-Hey & Sonny_B

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The Conductors feat. Monique Dehaney Live in EBISU, Tokyo.

March 2nd, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in External News, SBC Fam, Video


I was given the opportunity to film The Conductors and Monique Dehaney live at WHAT THE DICKENS in EBISU, Tokyo. Check them out! It was tons of fun. They have great energy! They even performed GANGNAM STYLE! lol


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