Sayuri Else Live @ 2nd Street Jazz

January 5th, 2012 Posted in External News, SBC Fam, Video

Sayuri Elsie, is a upcoming L.A. local soul singer that comes with a wide story. Facing the tough life in L.A. country and traveling to Japan to live a separate life, Sayuri has a vast story to tell.

I first met Sayuri at a monthly Hip Hop event thrown by DJ WAX entitled “Beat Canves”. The event was full of local Japanese and American talent playing some of the most soulful music. During the performance of a couple DJs and this beat making group called Circus, there was a girl who was just jamming along on the dance floor. Come to find out, this girl was Sayuri Elsie. She lipsynced one of her songs, which was produced by one of the members of Circus. After meeting her and hearing her story, I realized she had a little bit more soul then your average.

Check out her live performances at 2nd Street Jazz during the New Year Celebration. Sayuri has tons of energy in her performance and great stage presence.

Make sure you follow her on twitter @Sayuri_Elsie

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