SonnyBCreative Holds it down for CrayonBeat’s Mixtape!!

June 7th, 2011 Posted in MaJiK, Music, NEWS, P-10, SBC Fam, SonnyBCreative

CrayonBeats has dropped their 2nd mixtape, entitled “EAST x WEST”. SonnyBCreative (SBC) holds it down for the west! Peep new songs featuring Sonny_B, MaJiK, and P-10!!

CrayonBeats presents Vol. 2: East x West

It’s finally here! Another volume of our special compilation series — CrayonBeats Volume 2: “East x West”. This is on a bigger scale than our first volume. More music and a different approach. This time, there are TWO compilations within the zip file. Tiffny took on the East compilation, and I (Tiffology) handled the West.

Now, let me first say that all the artists within the respective compilations aren’t necessarily from the East or West coast. What the East and West most represents is the different music that reaches two separate girls on opposite sides of the United States. Tiffny is from New York (East), and I am from Arizona (West). While we live in the same country and have the same name (haha), our taste in music differs a bit. And with this volume, we wanted to share music that we each like, and both support, by promoting their music and talent to YOU. A lot of them have been featured here, in some form.

Anyway, enough talking about that. This project has been in the works for 3 months, so we really hope you enjoy what you hear. Leave some feedback, pass it on, RT the link, reblog it, post it on your site… share it with any and everyone.

The types of tracks are from one or more of the following: tracks from recent albums, tracks from upcoming albums, unreleased material, or exclusive CrayonBeats tracks. Go futher to check the tracklist of both sides, and grab the FREE DOWNLOAD.

01: Intro by Sonny_B
02: That’s Very Hot [Demo Version] by Dr. Gimm
03: Two Animals by Tunde Olaniran + Comixxx
04: Don’t Walk Away feat. Spragga Benz (Ghost Bus Remix) by Skull
05: That New Love by Tea-Smith
06: POP by Dr. Gimm
07: SURE ENOUGH (feat. P-10) by Sonny_B
08: Mc Duff On The Case by Tea-Smith
09: Headlights by Julian Nagano
10: So In Love by ELLE
11: My Town My Home My City (feat. MaJiK) by Sonny_B
12: Fix Me by Kidd Russell
13: The Other Place by Julian Nagano
14: Outro by Tiffny

01. Bless 1 – “Trek”
02. Rooks – “Old Cats”
03. Koncept & Tranzformer – “Change” (ft Jefferson Price)
04. Nomar Slevik – “Way Back”
05. 1990 – “GRB990123″
06. Anacron – “It’s You (The Blame Game)”
07. Ikabod Bum – “Chances” [Veh-Bot]
08. J57 – “Mute Dialogue”
09. Venomous2000 – “Where Ya At” (Le Machinist remix)
10. Stainless Steele – “Cloud World”
11. L*Roneous – “Full Metal” (cuts by DJ Bizkid)
12. Nima Fadavi – “Lady”
13. The Tranzformer – “So Simple” (ft Co$$)
14. Tone Liv – “Constant” (ft Jon Wayne)
15. Ikabod Bum – “Betablend”
16. Bless 1 – “Stubbed Toe”
17. Venomous2000 – “Man’s World” (ft John Robinson & Eloh Kush)
18. The Tranzformer – “Happy Go Lucky”
19. Megabusive – “Crayons”
20. Rooks – “Salute”
21. Nomar Slevik & Strange Powers – “Faith”
22. Matty Slims – “Rock Sound”
23. Nima Fadavi – “TBC”
24. Ikabod Bum – “Quanti-Bot”
25. Nomar Slevik – “Assassins”
26. L*Roneous – “The Notes”
27. Short Fuze & Nasa – “In Your Hands Now”
28. Awkward – “Day Glo” (ft Coherent Motion)
29. MC Homeless – “Sophia Loren” (Riddlore remix)
30. Nima Fadavi – “Uptown”
31. Paulie Rhyme & Rey Resurreccion – “All & All”
32. Bless 1 – “Erase”
33. Acid Reign – “Babalu”
34. Tiffology ShhhhhOutro


If, for some reason, the Hulkshare link doesn’t work or is too slow, here’s a Megaupload link.

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