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MaJiK’s 2nd music video “FLEXIN / SHININ”
off his 1st full length mixtape from MaJiK, I AM NOT A RAPPER. Story of MaJiK becoming the emcee of who he is today.
Stay tuned for his full length album soon!

“To everyone who has supported me thus far: THANK YOU” – MaJiK

Download the mixtape here:

Directed by Sonny B.

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MaJiK – I Am Not A Rapper Mixtape [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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So we just released my first full-length mixtape, the “I Am Not A Rapper Mixtape” earlier this morning after throwing a Mixtape Release Show at Club Bleu in Westminster, CA.  You can DOWNLOAD the mixtape for free right now on www.sonnybcreative.bandcamp.com

The idea behind this mixtape is that even to this moment, I wouldn’t consider myself a rapper.  When people ask me what I do, I hesitate because it’s so easy to just say, “I rap” but I feel like there’s a negative connotation to the label of “rapper” which is one I refuse to be associated with.  My response to them is always, “I write poetry, I do spoken word and I make Hip-Hop music” which then their follow up question is, “Oh, so you rap?”  I have to say “Yes” but I’m much more that that.  And that’s what I’ve set out to achieve with this project; Yes, I can rap which is why a nice portion of the mixtape consists of tracks that display my ability.  But the rest of the tape, I hope to convince you that I am deeper then “money, cars and bitches.”  I want to take the average listener and show them that there’s more to this rap shit and why there is such a strong community when we talk about “Hip-Hop” and why it’s so important.

This mixtape has been a long time coming.  4 years to be exact.  I’ve loved Hip-Hop since the second I heard Eminem in the 5th grade off my friends cassette player having lunch while he dissed all the pop stars I was currently enjoying on “The Real Slim Shady.”  That moment would forever change my life.

I had/have a very active imagination.  I loved to doodle and I would constantly day dream about being a superhero and saving the world.  My daydreams would mature in variations as life events started to happen but it’s funny to think back that at one point in time, I had day dreams about being signed to “G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath”.  This is when I started writing poetry 10 years ago but I was nowhere near rapping.  If you would have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, a rapper never crossed my mind.  I mean, it was so unrealistic for me to even consider.

However, my obsession with lyrics and hip-hop would only become stronger.  Still writing a ton of poetry as a way to help me understand what was going on in my life, I met Sherwin Sonny_B Boucher II in 2009 trying to become a part of his fraternity.  His extensive knowledge with music, as a artist himself, and Hip-Hop is how we were able to connect so quickly.  I shared a poem of mine and for fun, we made a song.  This is when I would learn how to count beats  and we would make more songs.  That is how I took my first step on this journey

Even then, I never considered a career being a rapper but with my passion for writing and love for Hip-Hop, I inevitably doubled my library of poetry, what took 6 years to accumulate, with rap verses (a lot of really bad rap verses) in 6 months.  Over the years, after sharing my songs, and falling in love with performing them on stage, I’ve developing a small supportive fan base and this once a fantasy has begun to realize itself into an attainable dream to reach listeners and influence them positively the way Hip-Hop has done for me.

And here we are, the “I Am Not A Rapper Mixtape.”  I hope that you enjoy it but at least give me the chance for you to say, “I hate it.”




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Lollipops, Lipstick, and LA LA LA LA by DJ KREESE

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Today the Homie, DJ KREESE dropped his new DJ mixed “LOLLIPOPS, LIPSTICK and LALALALA vol 1” This mix is suppose to one of those mixes that you would make for the ladies and they would reply with “OMG!! EVERY SONG IS MY FAVORITE SONG, I LUUUUUVVV YOU FOR THIS”! and hopefully it ends on a really good note! haha. DJ KREESE made this one strictly for the ladies, but if your a dude and like this… im not passing any judgements! it is 2012! Lol.


01. Beauty And A Beat    Justin Bieber ft Nicki Minaj
02. Die Young    Kesha
03. Good Time – Aristocrat Edit    Owl City ft Carly Rae Jepsen
04. This Kiss – Dynamixx Edit    Carly Rae Jepsen
05. Va Va Voom    Nicki Minaj
06. Both Of Us – Varsity Team Remix    B.O.B. ft Taylor Swift
07. Run    Flo Rida ft RedFoo
08. Rest Of My Life – NASA Edit    Ludacris ft Usher & David Guetta
09. I Need Your Love    Ellie Goulding ft Calvin Harris
10. Live While We’re Young – Dave Aude Remix    One Direction

DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.mixcrate.com/kreese/lollipops-lipstick-la-la-la-la-la-226086

Durty Ca$h + DJ KREESE + Sonny_B *OLD PHOTO*

So you might wonder how I’m involved in this? Haha! KREESE sent me a message, saying “I HAVE IN IMPORTANT TASK, can you HANDLE THE CHALLENGE?” Of course, I was down! KREESE went on to explain about how he had this special ladies mix coming up butneeded help with the title. So we brainstormed and came up with “Lollipops, Lipstick and LA LA LA LA”, which works well for a serious of this nature!
But he still need a cover for the series as well. So we decided to go with Nicki Minaj, since she is the ladies idol pink sugar idol of today, and I whipped up a Album cover for the mix!


KREESE and I have been talking about collaborating for years now. Its finally starting to

coming through! Stay tuned for some big moves!

Check out DJ KREESE at www.facebook.com/djkreese

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: MaJiK & J.Mack – BLUE & YELLOW (feat. Sonny_B)

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In anticipation for MaJiK’s upcoming release, “RANDOM THOUGHTS”, here is “Blue & Yellow”. Directed by Sonny_B, Blue & Yellow was shot in Big Bear, California, USA. The begins with MaJiK & J.Mack walking towards the backyard to their fraternity Big Bear Cabin. It soon switches to a scene with MaJiK and his fellow fraternity brothers and lil sisters hanging out on the porch. The video later shows some scenes of what fun things are going on inside the cabin.

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Sonny_B
Camera Assistant: Alex Hagan aka Slim.
Stay tuned for MaJiK’s upcoming release “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

In anticipation for the release of his upcoming EP, MaJiK releases his first multi-track release, “Random Thoughts”. The 7 track Mini-mixtape consist of
various styles of MaJiK, some remixes of mainstream smash-hits, successful contest entries, a spoken word piece, and also a new MaJiK original track. All Tracks have been revisited and remixed by Sonny_B!
OUT NOV 5, 2012


1. Good For Nothing Flo’ (Live Ver.)
2. Making History
3. We Will
4. None Of Me
5. Blue & Yellow (feat. J. Mack & Sonny_B)
6. I’m Into You (w/ J.Lo)
7. I’m Right Here

Check out some other videos to track featured on the “RANDOM THOUGHTS” mini-mixtape!

None of Me (SD) from Christian Contaoi on Vimeo.

OUT NOV 5, 2012!!!!


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NEW RELEASE: MaJiK – “Random Thoughts” Out 11/5/2012

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In anticipation for the release of his upcoming EP, MaJiK releases his first multi-track release, “Random Thoughts”. The 7 track Mini-mixtape consist of
various styles of MaJiK, some remixes of mainstream smash-hits, successful contest entries, a spoken word piece, and also a new MaJiK original track. All Tracks have been revisited and remixed by Sonny_B!

1. Good For Nothing Flo’ (Live Ver.)
(T. Ngo)
Recorded live by Sonny_B. Beat by N.E.L. Mixed by Sonny_B
Song was originally recorded as a entry for a TeamBackPack.com contest.

2. Making History
(T. Ngo, S. Boucher II)
Recorded at SonnyBCreative Labs. Beat by Mike Kalombo. Mixed by Sonny_B
Song was originally recorded as a entry for Price Ea’s So You Think You Can Rap contest.

3. We Will
(T. Ngo)
Recorded at SonnyBCreative Labs. Beat by T.O. Beats. Mixed by Sonny_B.
Track inspired by Lil Wayne’s “She Will” original single.

4. None Of Me
(T. Ngo)
Recorded live by Christian Contaoi. Mixed by Christian Contaoi. Edited by Sonny_B.

5. Blue & Yellow (feat. J. Mack & Sonny_B)
(T. Ngo, J. Mack, S. Boucher II)
Recorded at SonnyBCreative Labs. Beat by Stargate. Mixed by Sonny_B.
Track inspired by Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” original single.

6. I’m Into You (w/ J.Lo)
(T. Ngo, T. Cruz, J. Lopez)
MaJiK vocals recorded at SonnyBCreative Labs. Beat By Stargate. Mixed by Sonny_B.
Track features audio from Jennifer Lopez’s “Im Into You” original single.

7. I’m Right Here
(T. Ngo, S. Boucher II)
Recorded at SonnyBCreative Labs Beat by Bartjan. Mixed by Sonny_B.

Cover Photography & Design by Sonny_B

OUT NOV 5, 2012!!!!

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SonnyBCreative Holds it down for CrayonBeat’s Mixtape!!

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CrayonBeats has dropped their 2nd mixtape, entitled “EAST x WEST”. SonnyBCreative (SBC) holds it down for the west! Peep new songs featuring Sonny_B, MaJiK, and P-10!!

CrayonBeats presents Vol. 2: East x West

It’s finally here! Another volume of our special compilation series — CrayonBeats Volume 2: “East x West”. This is on a bigger scale than our first volume. More music and a different approach. This time, there are TWO compilations within the zip file. Tiffny took on the East compilation, and I (Tiffology) handled the West.

Now, let me first say that all the artists within the respective compilations aren’t necessarily from the East or West coast. What the East and West most represents is the different music that reaches two separate girls on opposite sides of the United States. Tiffny is from New York (East), and I am from Arizona (West). While we live in the same country and have the same name (haha), our taste in music differs a bit. And with this volume, we wanted to share music that we each like, and both support, by promoting their music and talent to YOU. A lot of them have been featured here, in some form.

Anyway, enough talking about that. This project has been in the works for 3 months, so we really hope you enjoy what you hear. Leave some feedback, pass it on, RT the link, reblog it, post it on your site… share it with any and everyone.

The types of tracks are from one or more of the following: tracks from recent albums, tracks from upcoming albums, unreleased material, or exclusive CrayonBeats tracks. Go futher to check the tracklist of both sides, and grab the FREE DOWNLOAD.

01: Intro by Sonny_B
02: That’s Very Hot [Demo Version] by Dr. Gimm
03: Two Animals by Tunde Olaniran + Comixxx
04: Don’t Walk Away feat. Spragga Benz (Ghost Bus Remix) by Skull
05: That New Love by Tea-Smith
06: POP by Dr. Gimm
07: SURE ENOUGH (feat. P-10) by Sonny_B
08: Mc Duff On The Case by Tea-Smith
09: Headlights by Julian Nagano
10: So In Love by ELLE
11: My Town My Home My City (feat. MaJiK) by Sonny_B
12: Fix Me by Kidd Russell
13: The Other Place by Julian Nagano
14: Outro by Tiffny

01. Bless 1 – “Trek”
02. Rooks – “Old Cats”
03. Koncept & Tranzformer – “Change” (ft Jefferson Price)
04. Nomar Slevik – “Way Back”
05. 1990 – “GRB990123″
06. Anacron – “It’s You (The Blame Game)”
07. Ikabod Bum – “Chances” [Veh-Bot]
08. J57 – “Mute Dialogue”
09. Venomous2000 – “Where Ya At” (Le Machinist remix)
10. Stainless Steele – “Cloud World”
11. L*Roneous – “Full Metal” (cuts by DJ Bizkid)
12. Nima Fadavi – “Lady”
13. The Tranzformer – “So Simple” (ft Co$$)
14. Tone Liv – “Constant” (ft Jon Wayne)
15. Ikabod Bum – “Betablend”
16. Bless 1 – “Stubbed Toe”
17. Venomous2000 – “Man’s World” (ft John Robinson & Eloh Kush)
18. The Tranzformer – “Happy Go Lucky”
19. Megabusive – “Crayons”
20. Rooks – “Salute”
21. Nomar Slevik & Strange Powers – “Faith”
22. Matty Slims – “Rock Sound”
23. Nima Fadavi – “TBC”
24. Ikabod Bum – “Quanti-Bot”
25. Nomar Slevik – “Assassins”
26. L*Roneous – “The Notes”
27. Short Fuze & Nasa – “In Your Hands Now”
28. Awkward – “Day Glo” (ft Coherent Motion)
29. MC Homeless – “Sophia Loren” (Riddlore remix)
30. Nima Fadavi – “Uptown”
31. Paulie Rhyme & Rey Resurreccion – “All & All”
32. Bless 1 – “Erase”
33. Acid Reign – “Babalu”
34. Tiffology ShhhhhOutro


If, for some reason, the Hulkshare link doesn’t work or is too slow, here’s a Megaupload link.
More »

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CrayonBeats Mixtape feat. Sonny_B

June 2nd, 2010 | 3 Comments | Posted in Music, SonnyBCreative


Internet Magazine, Crayon Beats, has released their 1st Mixtape, “Primary Colors Vol. 1”. It features artist that they’ve covered in the past couple of years. My collaboration with CHIKATETSU, “¥€$~Just make it~” is featured on the album, as well as a interlude. Be sure to check it out! The mixtape contains tons of talented musicians from all over the world!

Artist: Crayon Beats presents:
Album: Primary Colors vol. 1
Genre: Urban / Hip Hop / R&B / Electronic
01. Tiffny & Tiffology (Intro)
02. CHIKATETSU – “¥€$~Just make it~” (ft Sonny_B)
03. Nima Fadavi – “Shadows”
04. Stainless Steele & Mndsgn – “The freshest kid blessin it”
05. Rafael Casal – “Bitch”
06. Daisy & Mazie – “Not the same”
07. Nomar Slevik – “Fuckland”
08. Tone Liv – “Dumb dumb” (ft Sosh B) (prod Dibiase)
09. Oye – “In my mind” (ft Rafael Casal)
10. Lilac – “Future” (2nd test mix)
11. Nima Fadavi – “Oxygen” (ft DJ Lex)
12. Crayon Beats Skit 1
13. Richie Cunning – “City boy”
14. Stoopz N’ Breeze – “Honey smacks”
15. Wize Crack – “Fly definition”
16. Nomar Slevik – “Guns & Crayons”
17. Rafael Casal – “Spitter”
18. Elaquent – “Dancing shadows”
19. Richie Cunning – “Trainjumpin’”
20. Shouts
21. Nima Fadavi – “Ahead”
22. Oye – “Not even”
23. Daisy & Mazie – “Do me like this”
24. Stoopz N’ Breeze – “Punch drunk” (ft B.L.A.K.E. Eerie)
25. Crayon Beats Skit 2
26. Gimm!박사 – “City Lights” (ft BB, New Champ)
27. Nomar Slevik – “Nomar Slevik does not exist” (cuts by DJ Bizkid)
28. Rafael Casal – “Hurricane”
29. Green Llamas – “Morning star” (ft Tone Liv & Tab) (prod Dibiase)
30. Richie Cunning – “Richie Cunning’s day off”
31. Thanks (Outro)
32. DJ Sleeper 2010 Mix (BONUS)

DOWNLOAD: “The Primary Colors” Vol. 1 (153MB)

If usershare doesn’t work, try downloading from these mirror links : Mirror 1 (MU) | Mirror 2 (MF)

Visit Crayon Beats at: http://crayonbeats.wordpress.com/


One Love,

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