MaJiK – Random Thoughts Mixtape (Lyrics)

Per request, below are all of the lyrics to every track on my mixtape.  And you can download the mixtape here

Feel free to rap along!  Haha


Good For Nothin’ Flo

Deadly with the words, I’m a verbal assassin

One verse equals murder; every line’s an ass kicked

Tricks up my sleeve, do know who you dealin’ with??

Chainsaw to the throat; MAJIK, I be killin’ it

Pull my tongue like a trigger for my lead speech

Call me Good-For-Nothing-Flow, I DeadBeats

Bodying instrumentals, homi’s with a pencil

Outline of the song on my page like a stencil

Devil in my ear, you are witnessing a massacre

That makes Kony look like a bitch out in Africa

A mu’fuckin’ cannibal, rappers better back off

I chew faces off these tracks…no Bath Salt

…And I don’t choke, I’m no gagger

CanIBus?? Yes and leave the booth in Dizaster

With a flurry of punches, I gets real abusive

It’s Domestic Violence, how I love this Music

Making History

So you think you can rap huh?? Yeah, I see you with your rhythm

Seems like err’body got it in ’em but ask ’em ’bout they lyrics

And they playin’ stupid; it’s just music and you just lookin’ too into it

WHAT???…I beg your pardon??

Mu’fucka, this my art form, get back off, son

Pappa got it locked, don’t disrespect Mom and that’s the first law, one

two, one, two, mic check, I check it right

Every time I set the tone, Poetry is all I know

You flow the beat, I pour my soul

I play the streets, you goin’ pro

I’m underground just like a hole

You sold-out…You no mo’!

I’m bringing light to the industry, thinkin’ out the box

You trapped up in your cubicle gettin’ brain washed

Tryna’ climb up the ladder but the height that you after’s

Occupied by the masters and your life’s already captured

 Killing your heart and eating at your dreams

You work from nine to five, sit in traffic, go to sleep

Wake up, the same routine; we are cogs the a machine

Raise our kids to go to school and now the cycle’s on repeat

And that’s why we’re in the club ’cause we don’t give a fuck

Life ain’t what it was, might as well give it up

2012’s around the corner and the world’s about to end

So let’s make the most of what time we have left

Please, stop that shit, all I hear’s a bunch of whining and

Apocalypse is on its way ‘cause we invited him

Our silence in the violence towards capitalistic gain

Is why we hardly seem to care if anybody will remain

But please, if you’re hopeful

Won’t you let ’em all know so

we can keep it moving

And get us back on the road, no

Limits to the journey, we gon’ start out local

“I Make Smart Cool” logo is about to go global

I think you starting to get it, flow plus lyrics

That’s Rhythm And Poetry, real rap, no gimmicks

Listen…to a man on a mission

With a vision and a system, gonna triumph any distance

‘Cause to me there is no limit

Knowledge shared becomes infinite

Follow me if you is with it

Everybody else can be a witness

To history…we making history

History in the making, this is history

History…One day, they gon’ be readin’ ‘bout us in they history

We Will

What you want ma??  I told you I’ma get it

But only if you wit it, just wait anotha minute

‘Cause I’m, ‘cause I’m…in it ‘til I win it

If you riding then c’mon, let’s roll into the distance

Baby, know that I’ma be written in the history books

This is what victory looks like and all it really took

Was a little bit faith, strengthen your belief

‘Cause if you can’t see the dream then you might as well leave

So peace…but I hate to see you go

With that picture perfect silhouette framed by the door

Oh…you got me wanting mo’

When your eyes keep saying yes, how the fuck can I say no??

I can’t deal with all this nonsense, all I need’s a promise

That you gon’ be here with me through every single hardship

…I just need you to be patient

‘Cause I know if you love me now, you gon’ love me when we make it

She just started hugging me and kissing me and told me that, baby, it’s real

And I say, I doubt you for a second, I squeeze her to let her know how I feel

I wish that we could take off and go anywhere but here, baby, you know the deal

But we good, so don’t you worry ‘cause one of these days, baby, we will

Do it like the realest mu’fucka’s alive, right now, we will

Do it like the realest mu’fucka’s alive, right now, we will

Have everything we ever wanted in life, right now, we will

Do it like the realest mu’fucka’s alive, right now, we will

[Verse 2]

20/20 vision with the sight, that’s my focus

24/7, yes the grind never closes

Always open, so when I say I’m running late

Don’t let your girlfriends lead you stray, baby girl, y’know I’m straight

  All of this is for us; all I need is your trust

Just hold me down for today and tomorrow we’ll live it up

Everything that you want, any place you wanna see

All the things you wanna do, lil mama, it’s on me

…Yeah, we gon’ be living like that

I’ma keep pushing forward, just don’t hold me back

…And the stars will be our ceiling

With the clouds at our feet, imagine the feeling

Of Dreams coming true, possibilities are endless

Tend to our own lawn, no more looking over fences

…Have faith that it can happen

Making something out of nothing, so just believe in MaJiK

None Of Me

At a loss of self, the damage has been a slow process of pain

Can’t tell between my own Fabric Skin; Clothes all look the same

I’ve worn out my body so much that the whole problem is bare

But if I just forget about my Troubles then I’m no longer A-Wear

If you take away what’s Tarnished, Vanity is all that’s left

Nothing but Torn Threads of Misery amongst my flawsome depths

Grown wary of the Truth for Lies have become the Laws of Speech

Haunting Knowledge has replaced the Happiness of all I keep

Further I journey, the farther I’ve gone where I can’t go back

Couldn’t bring my Past along, the Future wouldn’t grant me that

Definitive decisions, all made Today as I stand my ground

But my Destination halted by Yellow Lights; I’m stranded now

In many vain attempts to give my all, I’ve nothing to lose

But if I haven’t anything, then there isn’t something to use

For Nothing is Nothing and that means something doesn’t exist

So if I haven’t anything at all, then I’ve nothing to give

Blue & Yellow


Uhuh! You know what’s the deal

Everything we do, we keep it real

Uhuh! Screaming, “quit frontin’”

Got our arms behind our backs…still stuntin’

Reppin’ my frat when you see me, you know everything

Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow

I hold it down, from my letters to my family

Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow

[Verse 1 – MaJiK]

Navy Blue…Gold and Steel

From ’98 ‘til we been “Keepin’ It Real”

Drinking Bud…Smoking bud

With my BUDs…y’know w’sup!

So fresh to death that I can’t help ya’

I just rep my set, that B-Y-Delta

If you ain’t wit ihh…it don’t shock me

We so different…NO COPIES

RED Fam cheers it up, Rounders, place your bets

Better Than U, yes, y’know we the best

The last Samurai’s Cute, Potters blaze the sack

BUD’s don’t die, even GOTS coming back


[Verse 2 – J.Mack]

Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow, BYD, yeah you know what it is

Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow, ain’t no other frat can get it crackin’ like this

Rappin’ like this but I do it for BUD, me and the bros stay fly like doves

B-U-D, I throw it up and I’m reppin’ my frat so y’know w’sup

Blowin’ up fast, comin’ up quick, BYD, the number one pick

Take a pick, remember our face ‘cause we go hard just like some bass

Yeah, and it’s no pretend, yeah, we blow chicks but it’s bro’s til the end

You could you the best but I disagree, can’t nobody do it like BYD

[Verse 3 – MaJiK]

Standards…Nu Money

Ain’t nothing that my pledge brothers wouldn’t for me

Lil Sis’ cheer us on, Bros all on my side

Smoke all day…drink all night

Rolling to the early morning

What you wanting you knowing our home is

Cal State Fullerton’s where my fam’s situated

We all over but Riverside originated


I’m Into You

Hey, it’s MaJiK, I make things happen

I’m livin’ the dream, whatever you imagine

I’ll supply it, I’ll buy it, for forever like diamonds

I’ll spend time with you ’cause I know that’s priceless

And they say time is money but I’d rather go broke
I mean, what’s the point in spending all that time alone?

I love your every feature from your eyes to your toes

You speakin’ to my senses, mind, body, soul

You had me fallin’ from the jump, all it took was a look

And I’m tryna’ get you open, you got me hooked like a book

And now it’s…it’s too late…it’s too late

Girl I want you, girl I need you so what do you say?

I’m Right Here

[Verse 1]

Sometimes we get lost and don’t know where to go

Feeling like we’d hang ourselves if you showed us the ropes

Caught thinking, wondering ‘bout what truly matters

There’s Life and there’s Death, more consumed with the latter

Dark places need no shine, there isn’t anything there

And spotlights get us anxious how everyone stares

If we wanted your advice, we’d’ve asked for it

Keep knocking on that closed sign and we’ll back door it

Sometimes the truth can hurt so save your critiques

A helping hand provides a lot more aid when you’re weak

Screaming at us to get out falls short on deaf ears

We just need to be heard to know we’re still here

No one can truly understand the inner workings of the mind

And the voices in our heads keep chirping but they’re blind

We’ve all got some screw’s loose but if something’s missing

It’s never saying how we feel unless someone’s listenin’


If you’re ever in need, be it a shoulder or an ear

To catch your words or your tears, just know I’m right here

Always near…have no fear

And I’ma try to give you hope any day of the year

If ever you are lost and don’t know where to steer

Proceed forward I swear, I got your back

Wherever you at just remain on your path

And like a good mom and dad, I’ma always be here

[Verse 2]

Here’s a message to my brothers; blood, God and Frat

I can’t front y’all, I always got your back

And to the homie out there goin’ through a rough patch

Need a place to call home?? All you gotta do is ask

And to my fams, whether we related or not

Unconditional love is given; you can’t take what we got

Know that I look out for mine, so, whatever y’all need

It’s yours; anything to better my breed

To my best friends, who’ve kept me sane

Thanks for putting up with all the bull I’ve had to say

And yeah, I’m a broken record, so I’ma say it again

I love y’all and I know y’all feel the same

To the one’s that got away and the distance we’ve covered

There’ll always be a part of me that won’t belong to any other

If you was back in my life, I wouldn’t loose you again

I mean, there once was a time when we used to be friends

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