Eminem – RAP GOD [music video]

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Directed by Rich Lee

Eminem has returned with his newest release from this latest album, “The Marshal Matters LP2”, entitled “RAP GOD”
In this song Eminem talks about his inspirations from Hip Hop and what all the other things that built him to who he is today. He goes though his history as a rapper until today as well.
Eminem displays his polished rap skills as well.
Eminem is a rapper who has influenced me a lot in my life. His music taught me to be critical and direct. To not deal with the bullshit, and realized that some people are really just crazy. Last, that my life is my life and simply that.

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New song called “TOO DOPE” added to my soundcloud.  I’ve been sitting on it for awhile and didn’t have the patience any longer (Aren’t y’all lucky?)  A lot of projects in the work and this is off of my next mixtape tentatively titled “I Am Not A Rapper.”  Explanation on the title to come when it’s ready.

Beat by De Froiz ( https://soundcloud.com/froiz ) who’s got tons of free Hip-Hop beats that any emcee can get at!

More updates coming soon.  For immediate updates, follow me at all the following social media networks (twitter/facebook/instagram/tumblr/soundcloud) @ majikmc


Peace. One. Love.



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MaJiK – Random Thoughts Mixtape (Lyrics)

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Per request, below are all of the lyrics to every track on my mixtape.  And you can download the mixtape here


Feel free to rap along!  Haha

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