[NEW RELEASE] MaJiK – Just A Thought EP [OUT 01/26/12]

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New release from MaJiK entitled, “JUST A THOUGHT”. This is the official debut EP from MaJiK. In JUST A THOUGHT, MaJiK takes you on a ride thought his mind. Discussing issues such as love, motivation, money, politics and more. MaJiK covers a variety of genres throughout the EP, including Hip Hop, Dubstep, Spoken Word, down-tempo, and more. But what is MaJiK’s trying to communicate to everyone, with the release of his new EP, JUST A THOUGHT? In MaJiK’s Words:
“I am a human being. I’m just like you, I am just like everyone else and what we have in common is that we are all special and these are just some of my thoughts.”

MaJiK’s JUST A THOUGHT EP drops “01/26/2012.

Check out the precursor to this release, his mini-mixtape, RANDOM THOUGHTS:

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