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In anticipation for the release of his upcoming EP, MaJiK releases his first multi-track release, “Random Thoughts”. The 7 track Mini-mixtape consist of
various styles of MaJiK, some remixes of mainstream smash-hits, successful contest entries, a spoken word piece, and also a new MaJiK original track. All Tracks have been revisited and remixed by Sonny_B!


1. Good For Nothing Flo’ (Live Ver.)
2. Making History
3. We Will
4. None Of Me
5. Blue & Yellow (feat. J. Mack & Sonny_B)
6. I’m Into You (w/ J.Lo)
7. I’m Right Here


Check out the BLUE & YELLOW music video!

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Sonny_B – Hip Hop Reppin’ [New Song/FREE DOWNLOAD]

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Hip Hop Reppin’ by Sonny_B
After almost a year of hiatus from making solo music, Sonny_B is back with a new track! “Hip Hop Reppin'” Stay tuned from new music from Sonny_B coming soon!

Artist: Sonny_B
Song: Hip Hop Reppin’
Track by DJ MITSU
Mixed by Sonny_B

Hip Hop reppin
I get 5 mics for keepin to true to the message
Imma rappin, chillin, flowing, straight vibin entertainer
Came from the bay, always crusin cali sunny weather

Now tell me what is better? crusin pretty lady riding thru PCH
or hikin mountains, pinic peanut butter
gettin jelly on the first date? nah she never
I’d rather do both, morning on the coast and toast boast

about how we landed, traveled ground the globe
I got ladies checking twitter from london to tokyo
my flows がいつも, ビートで踊ろう
手を上げろ, シャアウト・アウト YO-HEYとJ.NAGANO

Like verbal from m-flo, I see visions in the air
こんあ音が好きなら音SAY YO!  
yes yes aite マイクをおわたせよ!

always getting better, like yo’mama’s homemade
Been rapping years, getting thirsy,  gateraid
Free Agent, no trade, I stay true to the roots I learned
and pay homage to my the hip hop father’s, Yes Sir!

I left my Left my Ruts Behind, put that ish in the vault
Been chillin on the past for a min, that’s all
Its time for a new day, 新しい pathway
Hip Hop representive doin it my way!

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