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HANZO REIZA – Super (feat. Jinmenusagi)
Directed, Edited by Sonny B
Produced by KOB the Yellowman (5hinobi 5quad)

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MaJiK MC 1st ALBUM! Death Is Promised. OUT NOW!

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The first album from MaJiK MC is here!!

Music Available on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores!
Apple Music:
The first official album from MaJiK MC.

01. Infinity: The State
02. Live For Your Life
03. Dear God
04. #NoContest
05. Peace Of The Mind
06. Better Off
07. Words of Emotions (feat Duce2uce)
08. Let It Be
09. Sweet Love (feat. Liwelee)
10. Mix The Science (feat. Sonny B & Ruby Nguyen)
11. Beautiful Vibe (feat. Danielle Renee)
12. One Time
13. That Feeling (feat. REMODEY)

Recorded by TheFakeGhost at FMG
Mixed and Mastered 47radar at Quantum Studios
Executive Producer: Sonny B

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MaJiK – SHININ’ (Short Ver.) (Directed by Sonny B)

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The 3rd single from MaJiK’s 3rd mixtape, “I Am Not A Rapper”. This is “SHININ”
Directed by Sonny B
Project Assistant Josh Ma

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MaJiK – FLEXIN’ (Short Ver.) (Music Video) (Directed by Sonny B)

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The 2nd single from MaJiK’s 3rd mixtape, “I Am Not A Rapper”. This is “FLEXIN”
Directed by Sonny B

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Hanzo Reiza – JINMEN (feat. Jinmenusagi) Directed by Sonny B

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The official music video of HANZO REIZA’s song “JINMEN” feat. Jinmenusagi.
JINMEN is available for download now!

Shot in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.
Directed by Sonny B
Song Produced by KOB the YLM.
Scratches by DJ P-Kut
Mastered by Ongaku Records

Jinmenusagi –
Sonny B:
KOB the YLM:

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nayokenza – Lavender [music vid] @gnarlynayokenza

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SBC Family, nayokenza, drops his latest single from his upcoming EP, “Hiraeth”. This is Lavender. nayokenza, brings a self produced string lead, heavy bass song about a regretted relationship.

nayolavender02Through out the video, nayokenza is shown contemplating his last relationship. Toward the end he decides to take a walk in the rain though a Tokyo alley.

Sonny_B + nayokenza + Cooper + Alpha Woman

Sonny_B + nayokenza + Cooper + Alpha Woman

Check out more of nayokenza’s works at

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MaJiK – I Am Not A Rapper Mixtape [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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So we just released my first full-length mixtape, the “I Am Not A Rapper Mixtape” earlier this morning after throwing a Mixtape Release Show at Club Bleu in Westminster, CA.  You can DOWNLOAD the mixtape for free right now on

The idea behind this mixtape is that even to this moment, I wouldn’t consider myself a rapper.  When people ask me what I do, I hesitate because it’s so easy to just say, “I rap” but I feel like there’s a negative connotation to the label of “rapper” which is one I refuse to be associated with.  My response to them is always, “I write poetry, I do spoken word and I make Hip-Hop music” which then their follow up question is, “Oh, so you rap?”  I have to say “Yes” but I’m much more that that.  And that’s what I’ve set out to achieve with this project; Yes, I can rap which is why a nice portion of the mixtape consists of tracks that display my ability.  But the rest of the tape, I hope to convince you that I am deeper then “money, cars and bitches.”  I want to take the average listener and show them that there’s more to this rap shit and why there is such a strong community when we talk about “Hip-Hop” and why it’s so important.

This mixtape has been a long time coming.  4 years to be exact.  I’ve loved Hip-Hop since the second I heard Eminem in the 5th grade off my friends cassette player having lunch while he dissed all the pop stars I was currently enjoying on “The Real Slim Shady.”  That moment would forever change my life.

I had/have a very active imagination.  I loved to doodle and I would constantly day dream about being a superhero and saving the world.  My daydreams would mature in variations as life events started to happen but it’s funny to think back that at one point in time, I had day dreams about being signed to “G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath”.  This is when I started writing poetry 10 years ago but I was nowhere near rapping.  If you would have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, a rapper never crossed my mind.  I mean, it was so unrealistic for me to even consider.

However, my obsession with lyrics and hip-hop would only become stronger.  Still writing a ton of poetry as a way to help me understand what was going on in my life, I met Sherwin Sonny_B Boucher II in 2009 trying to become a part of his fraternity.  His extensive knowledge with music, as a artist himself, and Hip-Hop is how we were able to connect so quickly.  I shared a poem of mine and for fun, we made a song.  This is when I would learn how to count beats  and we would make more songs.  That is how I took my first step on this journey

Even then, I never considered a career being a rapper but with my passion for writing and love for Hip-Hop, I inevitably doubled my library of poetry, what took 6 years to accumulate, with rap verses (a lot of really bad rap verses) in 6 months.  Over the years, after sharing my songs, and falling in love with performing them on stage, I’ve developing a small supportive fan base and this once a fantasy has begun to realize itself into an attainable dream to reach listeners and influence them positively the way Hip-Hop has done for me.

And here we are, the “I Am Not A Rapper Mixtape.”  I hope that you enjoy it but at least give me the chance for you to say, “I hate it.”




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MaJiK Releases the 1st Single from the “I Am Not A Rapper Mixtape”

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December 22, 2013 MaJiK will be putting out his 3rd project and first full-length mixtape, the “I Am Not A Rapper Mixtape”

Earlier last week, he released the first single “Forever On…/Do It For Myself” with an official music video shot and directed by Khoi Mai with Dreamzzz Entertainment Group featuring model Tram Nguyen (IG: @tramstop).

The single is a two song feature beginning with “Forever On…” (Originally Forever On Some Fly Shit by Nispey Hussle) which offers a brief background story of MaJiK’s past experiences that have greatly influenced the choices and decisions leading to this release.

Following up with “Do It For Myself” (Originally Inception by Logic), MaJiK discusses why he does what he does reflecting on a character flaw of trying to please everybody while neglecting yourself.  Finally understanding what it truly means when asked, “How can you help others if you can’t help yourself?”, the song is a reminder that it’s necessary to be selfish before you can be selfless.


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Sonny_B interviewed on RAP Etc podcast.

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Recently Sonny_B, was interviewed on RAP etc. a informal Hip Hop podcast hosted by International Bilingual Rapper, Katagi.

Rapper/Director/Designer Sonny B and I discuss his current projects and the artists that he’s working with. We also discuss his top three emcees. Part 1


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Gift I wanted to give for Mother’s Day. 母の日の上げたい物

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As a artist, I think this is one thing we all would like to do for our mothers. Create something special for them using our talents. Watching this video, reminded me of myself, and wish I had to chance to do it. Time keeps passing, and There is never a perfect time to say Thank You. To all the others mothers out there, Happy Mother’s day. – To my mother, Happy Mother’s day、Thank You and Rest In Peace.

アーティストとして、これは母のために、上げたい物だと思う。自分のスキルで母のためにスペシャルなものを作るのことだ。このビデオを見て、自分自身のこ とを思い出した。それを行う機会があればいいのに。光陰矢のごとしと言うのをよく耳にする。一番いい「ありがとう」を言う時がぜんぜんないだ。すべての母 親へ母の日おめでとうございます!母へ母の日おめでとうございます、ありがとうございます、ご冥福をお祈りします。

I wrote a song called “Mother’s Day” a few years back . It was made a quickly so the quality wasn’t as good as it could be. The video itself is very pure, and warm. I released this video as a surprise the day before the BOUNCEJERK release. Ironically, a week after releasing this video, I gained news that my mother has passed away. Overly taken back by this news, I took a break from life and when on a hiatus.

数年前に、「Mother’s Day(母の日)」と言う曲を書いた。この曲を作るのは早かったから、音楽の質はちょっと良くなかった。でも、「Mother’s Day」のPVは本当にピュアな感じだった。「BOUNCEJERK」のリリースの日の前の日に、このビデオをリリースした!ちょっと驚きな感じだった。偶然に、リリースの一週間の後で、母が死んだのニュースを聞いた。驚くほどビックリして中断をした。

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