“Wub 1 Out” – DJ P DOT

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[tweetmeme] DJ, Beatmaker, Engineer, and SBC Fam, DJ P DOT has dropped his latest DJ mixtape, “Wub 1 Out”. P DOT is a Hip Hop/R&B/Soul/Electro House/Nu-Disco DJ who always aims to bring you the freshest mix. Often those who attend DJ P DOT mixing sessions will suffer from countless amounts of “AWWW SHHHHIIIIITTT THIS IS MY SONG” moments!

One thing I like about P DOT is that he keeps the variety coming, music from way back and music from now. He brings a great balance to the dance floor, lounge, club, warehouse, house party to where ever!

Check out his new mix “Wub 1 Out”. This time he tackles on the growing genre know as, Dub Step. The mix travels across a the genre in a smooth yet exciting fashion. Check it out below!
Wub 1 Out by PeeDot

If you dig the mix, go check out P DOT as he mixes at Mountain Bar this Christmas Night!

DJ P DOT Mixing at Mountain Bar / Black Bunny Disco – Dec 25, 2010

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CrayonBeats Mixtape feat. Sonny_B

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Internet Magazine, Crayon Beats, has released their 1st Mixtape, “Primary Colors Vol. 1”. It features artist that they’ve covered in the past couple of years. My collaboration with CHIKATETSU, “¥€$~Just make it~” is featured on the album, as well as a interlude. Be sure to check it out! The mixtape contains tons of talented musicians from all over the world!

Artist: Crayon Beats presents:
Album: Primary Colors vol. 1
Genre: Urban / Hip Hop / R&B / Electronic
01. Tiffny & Tiffology (Intro)
02. CHIKATETSU – “¥€$~Just make it~” (ft Sonny_B)
03. Nima Fadavi – “Shadows”
04. Stainless Steele & Mndsgn – “The freshest kid blessin it”
05. Rafael Casal – “Bitch”
06. Daisy & Mazie – “Not the same”
07. Nomar Slevik – “Fuckland”
08. Tone Liv – “Dumb dumb” (ft Sosh B) (prod Dibiase)
09. Oye – “In my mind” (ft Rafael Casal)
10. Lilac – “Future” (2nd test mix)
11. Nima Fadavi – “Oxygen” (ft DJ Lex)
12. Crayon Beats Skit 1
13. Richie Cunning – “City boy”
14. Stoopz N’ Breeze – “Honey smacks”
15. Wize Crack – “Fly definition”
16. Nomar Slevik – “Guns & Crayons”
17. Rafael Casal – “Spitter”
18. Elaquent – “Dancing shadows”
19. Richie Cunning – “Trainjumpin’”
20. Shouts
21. Nima Fadavi – “Ahead”
22. Oye – “Not even”
23. Daisy & Mazie – “Do me like this”
24. Stoopz N’ Breeze – “Punch drunk” (ft B.L.A.K.E. Eerie)
25. Crayon Beats Skit 2
26. Gimm!박사 – “City Lights” (ft BB, New Champ)
27. Nomar Slevik – “Nomar Slevik does not exist” (cuts by DJ Bizkid)
28. Rafael Casal – “Hurricane”
29. Green Llamas – “Morning star” (ft Tone Liv & Tab) (prod Dibiase)
30. Richie Cunning – “Richie Cunning’s day off”
31. Thanks (Outro)
32. DJ Sleeper 2010 Mix (BONUS)

DOWNLOAD: “The Primary Colors” Vol. 1 (153MB)

If usershare doesn’t work, try downloading from these mirror links : Mirror 1 (MU) | Mirror 2 (MF)

Visit Crayon Beats at: http://crayonbeats.wordpress.com/


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“BounceJerk” Release Date

April 26th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Music, SonnyBCreative

[tweetmeme]Finally! The release of “BounceJerk” is on the way!!

Stay tuned for more info, pictures, videos, etc!!

RSVP for event at Facebook or Myspace.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=105670459475664
Myspace: http://events.myspace.com/Event/View/3070529

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