SBC x F.M.G.

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Earlier this Fall I met sound engineer Jay Ramos aka TheFakeGhost in one of my classes at Pasadena City College and a few weeks ago we got together for a SonnyBCreative and F.O.R.J.H.A. Music Group collaboration.

FORJHA is an acronym for Funk Orchestra Rock Jazz Hip-Hop Arrangements.

The Fake Ghost shot me an uptempo instrumental sounding like a fusion of funk, electro, dub step and hip-hop and told me to write something to get the crowd moving so I put on my MC hat and went to work.

Nothing but good vibes when I went into his home recording studio to lay my verses. We’re definitely gonna be working together on some other stuff in the future but for now, I can’t wait for y’all to hear the track we cooked up.

Stay tuned!

Peace. One. Love.


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MaJiK – Making History [Music Video]

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Check out the new release from SBC artist, MaJiK! “Making History”
MaJiK had contacted me to help him produce a entry for the “So You Think You Can Rap” contest (Hosted by Prince Ea and Mike Kalombo) . I replied saying “shoot me an e-mail with all the details and I’ll get back to you”. On a Sunday, MaJiK came down to the studio to record the track. I hadn’t heard the track until then. It was interesting different, but I knew it was going to take some time to get used to. After a few hours, we had finally gotten the recording down and it was time to mixdown the track!

I sent MaJiK home to change while I mixed and came up with the treatment for the music video. Since the overall vibe of the song was a bit dark, especially with the dubstep qualities, I felt a industrial location would be perfect. And I knew of a perfect location in Industry, CA. I had originally planned to shoot the video at dawn, but I kept forgetting all my equipment back at the lab. After countless trips back and forth the sun had completely set and the vibe of the location had drastically changed.

Once the shooting was complete I headed home to edit the video and came up with a rough edit that night. I was aiming for a very grime/industrial look to fit the overall vibe of the song. I thought it came out well. My favorite shoots were the shots of MaJiK’s silhouette doing large hand gestures.

Artist: MaJiK
Song: Making History
Recorded & Mixed by: Sonny_B
Director: Sonny_B
Editor: Sonny_B
Cover Artwork: Sonny_B

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“Wub 1 Out” – DJ P DOT

December 24th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in External News, SBC Fam

[tweetmeme] DJ, Beatmaker, Engineer, and SBC Fam, DJ P DOT has dropped his latest DJ mixtape, “Wub 1 Out”. P DOT is a Hip Hop/R&B/Soul/Electro House/Nu-Disco DJ who always aims to bring you the freshest mix. Often those who attend DJ P DOT mixing sessions will suffer from countless amounts of “AWWW SHHHHIIIIITTT THIS IS MY SONG” moments!

One thing I like about P DOT is that he keeps the variety coming, music from way back and music from now. He brings a great balance to the dance floor, lounge, club, warehouse, house party to where ever!

Check out his new mix “Wub 1 Out”. This time he tackles on the growing genre know as, Dub Step. The mix travels across a the genre in a smooth yet exciting fashion. Check it out below!
Wub 1 Out by PeeDot

If you dig the mix, go check out P DOT as he mixes at Mountain Bar this Christmas Night!

DJ P DOT Mixing at Mountain Bar / Black Bunny Disco – Dec 25, 2010

One Love,

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