Sugar Joiko feat Moreno – Shining Bright [music vid] @sugarjoiko

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SBC Fam, Sugar Joiko, is back with her second official single and first music video “Shining Bright”. Collaborating with Polish producer, Moreno, Joiko brings  an energetic and positive electro track that screams for a replay!
SBCのファミリの歌手のSUGAR JOIKOが戻りました!今回はJOIKOの2番目のシングルと一番目のPVです!「SHINING BRIGHT」です!ポーランド人のプロデューサーとコラボして、JOIKOがエネルギッシュで感動的な曲を作りました!

joikoShining01Through out the video, Joiko showcases  her many faces. She shows that you just have to push to shine bright! You see her workout, party with friends, perform, and even in Japan!
曲の名前は「SHINING BRIGHT」、SHINEのために、JOIKOのアドバイスは夢のために、一生懸命頑張ってください!そして、SHINE!

joikoShining02Sugar Joiko, is one singer we recommend you all pay attention to. Check her at her website:
SUGAR JOIKOはSBCのおススメです。ぜひチェックして下さい!


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Lollipops, Lipstick, and LA LA LA LA by DJ KREESE

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Today the Homie, DJ KREESE dropped his new DJ mixed “LOLLIPOPS, LIPSTICK and LALALALA vol 1” This mix is suppose to one of those mixes that you would make for the ladies and they would reply with “OMG!! EVERY SONG IS MY FAVORITE SONG, I LUUUUUVVV YOU FOR THIS”! and hopefully it ends on a really good note! haha. DJ KREESE made this one strictly for the ladies, but if your a dude and like this… im not passing any judgements! it is 2012! Lol.


01. Beauty And A Beat    Justin Bieber ft Nicki Minaj
02. Die Young    Kesha
03. Good Time – Aristocrat Edit    Owl City ft Carly Rae Jepsen
04. This Kiss – Dynamixx Edit    Carly Rae Jepsen
05. Va Va Voom    Nicki Minaj
06. Both Of Us – Varsity Team Remix    B.O.B. ft Taylor Swift
07. Run    Flo Rida ft RedFoo
08. Rest Of My Life – NASA Edit    Ludacris ft Usher & David Guetta
09. I Need Your Love    Ellie Goulding ft Calvin Harris
10. Live While We’re Young – Dave Aude Remix    One Direction


Durty Ca$h + DJ KREESE + Sonny_B *OLD PHOTO*

So you might wonder how I’m involved in this? Haha! KREESE sent me a message, saying “I HAVE IN IMPORTANT TASK, can you HANDLE THE CHALLENGE?” Of course, I was down! KREESE went on to explain about how he had this special ladies mix coming up butneeded help with the title. So we brainstormed and came up with “Lollipops, Lipstick and LA LA LA LA”, which works well for a serious of this nature!
But he still need a cover for the series as well. So we decided to go with Nicki Minaj, since she is the ladies idol pink sugar idol of today, and I whipped up a Album cover for the mix!


KREESE and I have been talking about collaborating for years now. Its finally starting to

coming through! Stay tuned for some big moves!

Check out DJ KREESE at

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SonnyBCreative Radio – Music & Art for the Mind – Episode 2 – DEDICATION TO JAPAN

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This episode is dedicated to Japan. As Japan is going though the planning and recovery phase from their horrible recent events of early 2011 they need all the support they can get. In this episode Sonny_B collaborates with artist from all over the world to show their love, hope, support, and faith in Japan.

This episode contains vibes from Twista, MiwaLyric, Faith Evans, MC HINOMARU, Rie Nomura, SEEDA, Asani Charles, Chinatsu, Ken Oak & Groski, HIBIKILLA and more! It also has many special appearances from modern multimedia figures of today!

01. Twista feat Faith Evans – Hope
02. MiwaLyric – Beautiful Japan
03. SEEDA – Son Gotta See Tomorrow
04. Asani Charles feat. CHINATSU – For Nihon
06. Rie – 声~I Gotta Let It Out~
07. Oak & Gorski – Find Me Soon
08. HIBIKILLA – Positive Vibes
09. A Traditional Okinawin Anthem (title unknown)


Get this player from!

One Love,

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[tweetmeme]Canadian producer, Autumn Reign, just released his first album entitled, “LOVE LIFE MUSIC”. My song “Something To Ride To”, which is a re-worked version of “LEAVIN’ RUTS BEHIND” created by Autumn Reign, is featured on the album!  The album contains original productions and remixes for artist including: Jay-Z, Nas, UTADA, Timbaland, Drake, BoA, and more! Check it out! I know you’ll enjoy it!

Artist: Autumn Reign
Genre: Hip Hop / R&B / Electronic
01. Britney Spears – Break The Ice
02. Pussycat Dolls – Hate This Part
03. Jarell Perry – Live Your Life
04. Bow Wow feat. Omarion – Hoodstar
05. Silice – We Are We
06. BoA feat. Jay-Z – Roc’ Your Love
07. Jay-Z feat. Nas – I’mma Drop It
08. BoA feat. Sean Garret – I Did It For Love
09. Timbaland feat. Drake – All I Knew
10. Taz – Just Don’t Love You Anymore
11. Mirk Man – Fly To Fame
12. Sonny_B feat. MasOul – Somethin’ To Ride To
13. Nas – 2nd Childhood
14. Tenjo Chiki – Boomerang
15. Utada Hikaru – Wait & See
16. BoA feat. Papoose – The Love Letter
17. Autumn Reign – Around The World


To get more info about Autumn Reign, check out his Website, Facebook, and YouTube:


One Love,

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